The Japan Foundation, Sydney
The Japan Foundation, Sydney is the Australian arm of The Japan Foundation, which was established by the Japanese government to promote cultural and intellectual exchange between Japan and other nations. It runs a diverse range of programs and events, including exhibitions, talk events, grant programs and Japanese language courses for all levels from beginner to advanced. The Japan Foundation was established in 1972 in Tokyo and has expanded to a global network of 24 offices in 23 countries. The Australian office was founded in 1978.
To deepen mutual understanding between Japan and Australia by Bringing Japan to You.

Bringing Events to You
  • Exhibitions
  • Cultural events
  • Public talks
  • Film screenings
  • Japanese Film Festival (JFF)

Bringing Japanese language to You
  • Language courses
  • Cultural workshops
  • JLPT Explanatory Courses

The Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT) is an internationally recognised examination held annually.

Bringing Teaching Resources to You
  • Professional development/training
  • Online resources
  • Grants
  • Symposia and conferences
  • Education program at JFF
  • Cultural centre visits
  • Advice and support
  • Student contests
    • National Speech Contest
    • Video Matsuri
    • Art Speaks Japanese Comes Alive!
Bringing Japanese Studies to You
  • Grants and fellowships
  • New Voices in Japanese Studies, our peer-reviewed journal for emerging researchers
  • Public speaking opportunities
Bringing Grants to You
  • Arts & Culture
  • Japanese Language
  • Japanese Studies
Bringing Our Library to You
  • Over 17,000 Japan-related materials 
  • Books (fiction, non-fiction, manga)
  • DVDs & music CDs
  • Language resources
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