IWB resources   コンビニすごろく

“コンビニすごろく” is an Interactive Whiteboard resource which contains activities for learning and practicing vocabulary and expressions related to convenience stores in Japan, through the game of Sugoroku. Through these activities students will gain skills needed for interacting in various situations in the setting of a convenience store.

*Sugoroku is a Japanese board game. A player rolls the dice and moves his/her marker according to the number on the dice. When the marker lands on a square which has a task to complete, the player must complete the task to continue the game.
Sample lesson
This is a lesson for Yr 10 students using the IWB resources which we revised. We focused particularly on teaching vocabulary and expressions.
Please watch the video as a reference! (8:06)*
*Depending on your network, when you download this video for the first time, there may be a slight delay in the skip function.

You can download the lesson plan, task sheets, and IWB file* of the lesson.
*Created with SMART Notebook. Please go to the download page.

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You can choose the Sugoroku file with or without Romaji
We would like to express our sincere gratitude to Ms. Ayumi Dalpadado (NSW), Ms. Jessica Perrin (WA) and Mr. Hatsuho Watanabe (VIC) for their valuable in-depth feedback on this resource.


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