This March, The Japan Foundation, Sydney brings the latest from the contemporary ceramics and theatre scenes from Japan to Australia.

Dip into our March exhibition, Contemporary Ceramics: Ryota Aoki and Gentaro Yokoyama, and encounter stunning creations by Aoki and Yokoyama, both master artisans trained in Japanese traditional crafts (kogei).

Discover a fresh approach to theatre with the drama-dance theatre hybrid, The Unknown Dancer in the Neighbourhood, written and directed by Suguru Yamamoto (Hanchu-Yuei, Docu(nt)ment) and starring actor and choreographer Wataru Kitao (Baobab), both rising stars in the fresh crop of contemporary Japanese theatremakers. 

Delve deeper into both with our talk series, which includes a primer on intersecting worlds of traditional craftsmanship and contemporary art to be presented by Yuji Akimoto, director of the 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art, Kanazawa.


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