Visitor Library Card
This is a borrower card for visitors to Australia. Tourists, temporary visitors and business visitors aged 18 and older can apply.
Visitor Library Card
Application form
To apply for a visitor library card, the following document and fee payment is required:
A photo ID (eg. passport, driver’s license from your country of origin or international driver’s license)

A fee of $10 for 3 months from the day of application Neither full nor partial refund will be awarded for those who cannot make use of their card for the full 3 months.

Borrowing terms
Members may borrow 5 items for 3 weeks.
Some items are classified as “Short-term Loan Items” that may be borrowed for up to 7 days without the option of loan renewal.
In-person loan only.
Visitor library card holders do not have access to the reservation service.
Quantity 5 items
Term 3 weeks
Loan Renewal Loans can be renewed twice. Each renewal is for a period of 3 Weeks from the day you request the renewal *unreserved items only
Any enquiries please call Ph: (02) 8239 0011 or email.