2016 Media Releases
March 9 Literary Responses to Disaster in Japan
March 7 3.11 in Literature and Film
March 1 Film: “Tell the Prime Minister”
February 24 Nihongo Roadshow: Bringing Japan to school students in WA
February 23 The New Wave of Activist Culture in Post-3.11 Japan
February 15 AfterLandscapes: A landscape architecture perspective on post-disaster recovery in Japan
February 15 Backgrounder: The Great East Japan Earthquake and 3.11
February 10 AfterLandscapes: Designing in Uncertainty (Talk Event)
February 4 After 3.11: Have you met the new Japan?
February 2 Icons of Time: A photographic exhibition by Tomohiro Muda
February 1 Jewels of Kyoto: Traditional dance and music by maiko of Gion
2015 Media Releases
8 October 200-year-old Graffiti: the genius of a gag print from early modern Japan
1 October The Power of ‘Cute’: Hello Kitty Expert Comes to Australia
29 September Giga Prints and Edo Society (from the ‘Lines on Paper’ program)
24 September Japan Update Culture Panel: Soft Power and Cultural Diplomacy
21 August Shadow & Light: The Craft of Noh Mask Carving
22 July Edo Giga: Woodblock Prints from Japan
16 June Transcend by Haruyo Morita and Jennie Feyen
25 May Mad Love by Chris Yee
14 April Tokyo Gardens by Naoto Ijichi
10 March Discover the World of Sit-Down Comedy! Rakugo with Katsura Sunshine
Event program featuring talk event and show with Canadian-born rakugo artist, Katsura Sunshine (March 26-28)
25 February ‘Tokyo Void: Possibilities in Absence’
RMIT University’s Dr Heike Rahmann speaks, March 14 at 2pm @ The Japan Foundation, Sydney
16 February ‘Photographic Memory: The Making of Mono no aware
Artist Talk & Book Launch by Brett Boardman
5 February Mono no aware: The Poignancy of Things’
Photography exhibition by Brett Boardman
2014 Media Releases
12 August Japanese Film Festival
Dates Announced for 2014
29 July Noh to Now Lecture Series: Takarazuka Revue
Murdoch University’s Dr Leonie Stickland speaks, August 27 at 6pm @ Art Gallery NSW
22 July Noh to Now Lecture Series: Bunraku Puppet Theatre x Hatsune Miku
Macquarie University’s Dr Yuji Sone speaks, August 20 at 6pm @ Art Gallery NSW
15 July Noh to Now Lecture Series: Introduction to Kabuki
ANU’s Dr Shun Ikeda speaks, August 13 at 6pm @ Art Gallery NSW
8 July Noh to Now Lecture Series: ‘Noh, and the Aesthetics of Restraint’
Noh master and university professor Naohiko Umewaka speaks, Aug 6 at 6pm @ Art Gallery NSW
23 June Noh to Now Lecture Series: 'Occupied Bodies: Re-thinking the Atomic Gaze in Ankoku Butoh'
Academic and performer Adam Broinowski speaks, July 23 at 6pm @ Art Gallery NSW
16 June Noh to Now: Traditions and Counter-traditions in Japanese Performance
Lecture series at Art Gallery NSW, selected Wednesday nights in July and August
3 June Tanabata: Wish upon a Star
Tanabata celebrations return at Way Out West Festival for Children on 9—12 July
2013 Media Releases
24 July 25x25: Contemporary Japanese & Australian Printmaking
25 Japanese printmakers x 25 Australian printmakers
9 May Kirigami: Scissors + Paper
The exhibition showcases the work of Tokyo artist Kanako Yaguchi from 30 May to 28 June
9 May Tanabata: Wish upon a Star
KIDS! Get creative this July school holidays and celebrate Tanabata, the Japanese star festival, with a hands-on art party!
18 April Evangelion Art Exhibition with voice actress Yuko Miyamura
A rare glimpse at the artistry of Japanese anime film production plus Q+A session and voice acting workshop with Yuko Miyamura
24 March Parallel Japan
Explore the evolution of Japanese architecture
8 March Japan in Stereo: Gagaku
Sydney Conservatorium of Music lecturer Lewis Cornwell to introduce Japanese Imperial court music on March 22
28 February Japan in Stereo: Koto
Koto Master Satsuki Odamura introduces the music of the traditional Japanese harp on March 1
20 February Japan in Stereo: Enka
RMIT University lecturer and Japanese popular music researcher Dr. Shelley Brunt introduces Japanese Postwar Pop on March 8
14 February Japan in Stereo: Onkyo-ha
Melbourne-based multi-instrumentalist Oren Ambarchi introduces Japanese experimental music at Japan in Stereo, March 1
4 February Japan in Stereo: Japanese Rock
Professor Carolyn Stevens to introduces Japanese Rock on Friday, February 22
30 January

Japan in Stereo: Overview
A Japanese music listening series

29 January Glorious Ryuku
Celebrate the Lunar New Year Okinawan style