Volunteer with Us
Help us bring more of Japan to you

If you like The Japan Foundation, Sydney’s cultural events, Library and gallery, or simply enjoy helping out, why not volunteer with us? It’s your opportunity to:
  • share your interest in Japanese culture with others
  • meet likeminded people and make new friends
  • gain experience working in a unique cross-cultural environment
Once registered as a volunteer, you can apply for roles and tasks in your area of interest as opportunities become available throughout the year.
What types of experiences can I get?
Office experience 
  • experience at the library/gallery reception desk
  • assist with basic office tasks such as mail outs, promotions and data entry 
Event experience
  • set up the venue for education programs and cultural events 
  • assist during events such as exhibition openings, language seminars, etc.
  • experienced individuals may also assist with the hanging of exhibits 
Japanese Film Festival
The Japan Foundation, Sydney also runs the Japanese Film Festival (JFF), held annually during October – December in major cities around Australia. Volunteers are required in the lead up to and during the Festival to assist with promotions and event operations.
Pre-Festival tasks include:
  • distributing flyers to promote the Festival
Festival tasks include:
  • assisting with front of house duties at the venue
  • distributing, collecting and tallying surveys
  • customer service at the information desk


E: volunteer@jpf.org.au

Frequently Asked Questions
What are the requirements to become a volunteer?
  • You must be 18 or over.
  • You need to be able to speak conversational English.
Do I need to speak Japanese?
  • Japanese language skills are not required, but will be beneficial.
Do I need to be in Sydney to volunteer?
  • Volunteers will need to travel to The Japan Foundation, Sydney office to perform tasks, with the exception of Japanese Film Festival related events, which are held in major cities in Australia and in New Zealand. Locals are encouraged to apply for Festival volunteer roles.
How do I volunteer for the Japanese Film Festival?
  • Once you have registered as a Japan Foundation, Sydney volunteer, you will receive an email with registration details when they open, approximately 2 months prior to the Festival.
  • If you are based in New Zealand, keep an eye on www.japanesefilmfestival.net for volunteer registration openings.
Are volunteers covered by insurance?
  • Yes. If a volunteer is injured while performing tasks assigned by The Japan Foundation, Sydney, they will be covered by insurance.
What are the requirements to become a volunteer?
Volunteering for the Japan Foundation has been a great honour; the people you will meet are so incredibly friendly, respectful and considerate, and the environment is a pleasant mix of the Japanese and Western workplace, so you really learn a lot. You get to discover some interesting movies from the Japanese Film Festival and practice your language skills too! I would definitely volunteer again – no questions asked.
I started volunteering for the Japan foundation from June 2014 and from then, I have learnt to experience working in different environments from doing data entry, to even with working with children for festive events. Working with the Japan Foundation has always felt easy going; making sure you feel at home and won't hesitate in helping you with problems you might come across. Though speaking Japanese is not required, their friendliness and enthusiasm allows for practicing and learning the Japanese language and is especially good for those like myself who are studying Japanese language and culture. Volunteering with them has always been a fun and great learning opportunity in many ways, and I'll be continuing to do so this year, and the years after!
I actually have very fond memories of volunteering at the festival. It seemed like everyone was excited about being there, so I connected with people quickly, not just with the volunteers but also the organizers. There was great a mix of cultural backgrounds and nationalities, and we all shared a common interest in Japanese culture and global cinema. After we finished work, the volunteers were usually allowed to watch a film together, and a thank-you party was thrown at the end of the festival for the volunteers. It was lovely!